The NITEHOG NIR-M is a multifunctional night vision device for various applications. You can use the device as a hand-held monocular with single magnification. Fastened with a holder in front of the primary lens, the NITEHOG NIR-M uses the magnification. So you can use your camera in conjunction with the night vision device optimal for these purposes. An eyepiece attachment enables two times magnification and a diopter correction.

The advantages:
- wide range of applications
- ideal for camera use
- 2x optic zoom
- diopter adjustement possible

Picture 1: NIR-M night vision device
Picture 2: NIR-M mounted on binoculars
Picture 3: NIR-M mounted on DSLR camera

Gen 2+ : € 2825, - including VAT
Gen 2+ with Photonis Onyx image amplifier : € 4062, - including VAT (white/black image)
Gen 3 : € 6400, - including VAT

Download the brochure below. (German version)
Prijs: Adapter from € 130, - including VAT
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